Perfection Comes With the Perfect Crypto Development

A few days after the all-time high of about $ 20,000, the crypto-currency Bitcoin is currently on a massive descent. So the course slipped Friday morning in the meantime to below $ 12,000. Other Altcoins such as Ether, the Bitcoin Fork Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin, lost massive value, as can be seen, inter alia, on Coinmarket cap. One of the few coins that have not lost recently is Ripple. One reason could be the popularity of Altcoin in Asia. A visit to will clear things up.

This approach is not unusual in such massive price fluctuations. In the case of strong price jumps of securities, trading on traditional exchanges is also often suspended. However, this is not possible with unregulated Bitcoin, which could trigger a downward spiral and aggravate the situation even more.

Holidays as a reason

  • The chief analyst at Credit Bank sees the coming holidays as a possible reason for the price development. “Overall, the trade calms down. You go into a long weekend and tend to take the risk out of longer breaks. “
  • Especially with crypto currencies, the price could change drastically within a short time, which would require a quick reaction. The train of thought is understandable: Sitting with the family at the Christmas roast, the reaction time is probably limited.
  • This could be a possible explanation for why many traders are now repelling Bitcoin and other crypto currencies and the price is falling. Due to the high volatility of Bitcoin, the potential consequences are correspondingly massive. In addition, you cannot classify Bitcoin. There is no evidence to suggest Bitcoin. An assessment is de facto impossible.

Volatility is one of the reasons why investor’s crypto currencies are appropriately cautious. For roses, Bitcoin and Co are therefore “not really an issue for private investors”.

Turbulent crypto world

Recently, it has become restless throughout the crypto currency scene. The Coinbase trading platform has responded to allegations that employees of the company have been conducting insider trading to fuel demand for the Bitcoin Cash. For a short time, the Bitcoin-Fork also rose massively to give way again shortly thereafter. There were also several hacker attacks on crypto currency platforms.

  • D it is in a steep downtrend price of cryptocurrency Bitcoin. So much can be said. At the world’s largest stock exchange Bit stamp are currently paid around $ 11,270, even if the price has ever been briefly less than $ 10,000. At other trading venues, the price has dropped by almost half over the past five weeks.
  • This may be because the currency’s maturing process has recently suffered some setbacks.
  • While the digital currency continued its triumphant progress in December despite the negative comments made by the introduction of derivatives trading on the Chicago Stock Exchange, the bad news has accumulated recently, especially in Asia, where bitcoin trading is particularly popular.