How Hosted PBX phone systems work

Have you been wondering what all excitement is about with other business owners and decided to change over the business phone systems? One type of IP enabled phone system is the Hosted PBX Phone System, if you’re not sure what it really means or what all the hype is about, read on to see what these phones are all about and what they can offer your business.

Here’s How These Systems Actually Work

So many businesses have a private phone network that they use within their organization or their company, PBX stands for private branch exchange and that means that the PBX phone system will allow you, your business, and all of your employees to communicate internally with one another on this network as well as communicating externally, with the rest of the world.

How Will My Phones Work With One Another and Outside Calls

There are different types of communication channels like analog, ISDN, and voice over IP or VOIP. What you’ll find right off the bat is that using the hosted PBX phone system will allow you to have more phones than you would if you were using landlines and physical phones, and every phone on your account can communicate with one another for free. You’ll also find features like your traditional caller ID and voicemail but you’ll get more like call forwarding, call recording, caller queues and even interactive voice menus (IVRS).

I don’t want My Business to Be Tied Down to One Company or Service

There is no worse news than finding out that you’ve spent your hard earned money investing in a new system or program that doesn’t work for you. While it’s true that when these technologies first rolled out, you may have been tied down to one phone system, program, or company and would be unable to use your phones and go to a new provider or new service, it’s not the case these days.

That’s right, as the technology progresses and becomes more and finer tuned to what business owners really need; they’ve come a long way in becoming more flexible and gaining mobility.

No longer will you face expensive losses due to switching phones or service providers, newer PBX phone systems are not available for use on your terms. Whether you choose hosted or virtual solutions or whether you want to run your phones on your own hardware on-premise, there’s a solution that will fit your needs, whatever they may be.

Will My Business Be Able to Support A Hosted PBX Phone System?

Many business owners and those in charge of making the business phone system decisions are worried that once the technology is set up and installed that they won’t have the support they need to succeed with their new phones. If you’re worried you’ll run into trouble with the phones and aren’t sure who you’ll staff for support or fixing any issues, you can think of it as a thing of the past. Most providers will offer the support you need as part of your service plan.  

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