How To Entice Your Customers Into Reviews And Testimonials

In 2019 the reviews and testimonials from customers and clients has escalated to become one of the most powerful marketing tools. Beyond social media and seo, these review platforms are the authoritative go-to when it comes to decision making and the perception established from the vibe of these communities will set the tone for the amount of leads you may generate.

Because if it has a negative sense, it immediately strikes doubt. Because time is so important. So the first process of any decision maker is to find ways to quickly save it. And reviews are the base for this. Can i quickly decipher which and what i want to try and also what I certainly won’t be.

Because someone has had a bad experience does not mean somebody else can’t, but it is all relative. And psychology is naturally bias towards their first impression from a neutral source of information.

The following list of tips will help you get reviews from the customers. Which can in-turn deliver the positive feeling you will want to use as a momentum builder for the ongoing sales cycle.

1. Where Your Customers Go for Reviews

The thing to do for making customers leaves is to find out where they check your business reviews. There are many reviews websites where users and customers of a business can share the reviews. They may also be leaving reviews on social media sites. This will help you get an idea of where to begin in order to approach the customers for reviews.

2. Just Ask for Reviews

The next thing you can do for getting business reviews from the consumers is to ask them to leave a review when they get your products or services. But people are not willing to write reviews and spend five to ten minutes. For this, you have to offer them exceptional services or products or you can also introduce offers and bonuses to convince the customers to writing a review. Include reviews in your online purchasing process.

3. Make it Easy for Customers

Writing reviews is really difficult on many sites and they have not improved it for years. This discourages customers from leaving a review. You have to make the whole process simple. For example, at the store when the customer is done with purchase, request them to leave the review on your tablet or device. Similarly, online review should ask for not more than just necessary details.

4. Respond to Reviews

It has been seen most of the business companies don’t respond to customer reviews. For consumers, such reviews have no value and they will never be convinced for reviews. Rather, change the approach and respond to all positive as well as negative reviews. Address customer issues if they have a negative review. Thank them for leaving positive and good reviews.

5. Add Reviews in Invoicing

All B2B business companies have their invoices. You can integrate reviews in the invoice when the client gets their products or services delivered. Adding this like “Love your experience? Review us on Google+” will surely convince consumers to leave reviews on your site or where you want them.

6. Use Email Campaigns

Email marketing is still in practice. You can use emails for asking for reviews as well. When the customers have purchased something and payments have been made, you can follow up through mail and request them for reviews. This will really help in getting quality and a lot of customer reviews for your business and site.

7. Use Review Management Software

Nowadays, creating reviews and managing them on your websites and other review sites have become really simple and easy. You should know how companies are using other review sites to collect reviews and display on their own websites.

There are website visitor tracking solutions available which will highlight which customers are potentially a lot more likely to review based on the pages they have visited or the regularity of their journey on your web pages.

You can also follow the same suit. A good quality review generator will make things simple for you if you are serious about using customer reviews for your marketing and making profits. Do some research and find review generator that does your job really well.

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